Friday, March 28, 2008

Watch out if you come to our may not leave until you receive a haircut. No kidding!
We went out to dinner with The Kellogg family and came back here for dessert. Omid was looking at Ward's hair and said he needed a touch up. Ward said "ok" and Omid got to work. In a few short minutes, Ward was sporting a new shorter do.
It may have been the Hennessey that made Ward so trusting; though Lin & Amy weren't so sure. I think Omid did a great job - just look at Cayden & Matty's new haircuts if you need further proof!


bgygi said...

No one is safe!!!!!!

erinz said...

You know first hand...! But look how cute Cayden looks with his new short do. I think it might be time for a trim. :)

Anonymous said...

Lin looks concerned. hahaha.
And I think Ward looks the exact same as he did when he came over.