Friday, March 7, 2008

Run like the wind

Matty has joined a cross country intramural team after school. He started on Monday. The boy is just like me and his Auntie - We all LOVE to buy shoes. Matty has about 9 pairs of tennis shoes, though he doesn't have one pair of running/track shoes. I figured he could just wear one of the 9 he already has. Wrong! Matty developed shin splints and his feet were hurting. I am on the CHS track coach's email list (after a comment I made last Fall and she set me straight regarding 'pet peeves' pertaining to joggers/runners) and she sent out an email regarding proper fitting shoes for young athletes & track. the good mom I am (YES-Naseem!!), I took him to a shoe store in town called Fit Right NW. The owner had Matty run on a treadmill and videotaped the way he ran. He looked at Matty's gait and brought out three different shoes for Matty to try. Then he had Matty run outside and asked questions about each shoe. Matt chose a nice lightweight Puma running shoe. This was not the GI Joes store where I could use my 20% off coupon. Nooooooo! There is no running shoe for men (yes - Matty has outgrown the kids' sizes and wears a 11.5 in men's shoes) under $95. Good thing I got paid on Friday! The women's shoes start at around $70. I had my eye on a pair of adorable tennis shoes (pink/khaki hikers) but they may have to wait until the next paycheck. The owner was very nice and gave me a CHS track discount of $9.50 (Thank you Alisa Wise/CHS track coach). Now hopefully at next Saturday's track meet, Matty can beat those Liberty MS kids at the relay. Take care of those shoes - boy! They cost a pretty penny!


Anonymous said...

your grammar is atrocious!

Anonymous said...

i probably didn't spell either of those words right, by the way.