Friday, March 14, 2008


Remy is modeling Naseem's new orange belt she earned at her Karate class last night. Tonight is the big graduation, so we have family coming down from Olympia to visit & watch Nas get promoted. It's a big deal & quite exciting! I am just so happy Nas is this far into the martial arts. She has come a long way since I took her practically kicking & screaming to the first class (ok, just screaming). Now she is really serious about it and having a great time. I also don't worry about her being alone or just with another friend as much as I used to.

Remy is modeling the belt, as Naseem refused to. She is currently at her weekly babysitting job. I took the opportunity and used my willing model. Nas just called from her bsitting job and I told her Remy was the belt model. She wasn't pleased. Oh well....


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let him wear my new belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh well.

Chris and Sarah said...

I think he looks feisty, yet controlled.