Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Odd Couple

Remember Felix Unger & Oscar Madison? I used to love watching that show. While watching Remy & Jack interact together, I am reminded of these two characters. Remy is obviously Felix and Jack is Oscar. Remy is easily offended and put off, plays when he wants to, is particular with his toys and blankie and is a very neat eater/drinker (and extremely high strung & sensitive). Jack on the other hand, is in the mood to play all the time, is very laid back, takes his blanket out of his kennel and deposits it "wherever", drinks water & leaves a trail of 'drips & drops" all over the floor when he is finished. Nothing bothers Jack. It's all good to him.

I looked at Omid last night and said, "these guys are Felix & Oscar to a T." Omid said, "Who are Felix & Oscar?" I was surprised he knew nothing about The Odd Couple (or the names Felix & Oscar). He came to the states after it was off the air I suppose. So...Omid (& the kids) will get an education this week. I have put the original movie with Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau on our Netflix list.
Remy is on the right and Jack is on the left with the sunlight shining on him.


audslife said...

Awww, it should be like Dumpling and Einstein or even Einstein and Julius. Too bad they are such extreme opposites. I wish you a good week.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who those people are!