Saturday, March 8, 2008

I came across these "slipper genies" in the Sur la Table catalog last night. Great for the person who has everything (I bet they don't have these!). They are cute and ugly at the same time (like Crocs) and I want a pair (I also want a pair of Crocs). They have detachable bottoms and can be thrown in the washer. The blurb in the catalog touts these slippers as perfect for "wiping up spills from hardwood, linoleum and tile floors." I was thinking they are perfect for wiping up Remy's drool while he watches up eat. His salivary glands work overtime and the drool comes out both sides of his mouth. These slippers would save on paper towels. :)

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Anonymous said...

They are both ugly and ugly at the same time (as are crocs)