Sunday, March 16, 2008

Karate & Pi (& pie)

Naseem was upset her Karate promotion wasn't blogged about, so here is a video we took of the promotion. Nas is the first girl on the left (& in the back row). We tried to take still photos but the kids were moving too fast for our digital camera. I also couldn't get the zoom to work on the it's hard to really see her. Nas did really well. Grammy, Papa, Brenda, Cayden & Julius (Grammy's poodle) all drove down from Olympia to watch. Our friends Lin, Lia & Amy also came along. Afterwards, Omid cooked the most delicious Zereshk Polo. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Matty baked an apple pie for his math class tomorrow. Friday was National Pi Day, but the kids didn't have school. The teacher is incorporating pi & pies in the class tomorrow instead. Should be a delicious class. As you can see, Matty used the leftover 'pi' dough and added the symbol & number for pi. A fun (& tasty) homework assignment.

B, my mom and I went back to Salut for the Sunday $3 wine tasting. B & I told my mom all about the fun she missed on Saturday at Salut. So...we had to go back. The dogs were back at the store and B was happy. Today the Shih Tzu was right behind me and I didn't know it and accidentally stepped on his tail! He was not happy and let me know it. He whipped around and bit me on the foot. It hurt too! I felt so bad for him (& a little for myself, too).

I was eyeing Matty's pie and decided to bake one myself. I made a berry pie using Trader Joe's blackberries and TJ's "very cherry berry blend" (cherries, blueberries, & raspberries). It was soooo good. I will use this mix again as both Omid & the kids loved it too.

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