Thursday, March 6, 2008

How 'bout them apples?!

While visiting my family over Christmas break, we would all play Apples to Apples after dinner . My kids had never played the game, but I have Apples to Apples Jr. at school and have played it before. One night we started at around 8 p.m. and when we finally wrapped up the game, it was around 1:30 a.m. We couldn't believe it! We are a fairly competetive family and I distinctly remember my dad and brother-in-law (Tom) bragging about how they always win the game. Needless to say, I won the most cards (thanks to Tom for his uncanny knack for choosing my card - much to his chagrin ). Last night, I brought the Apples to Apples Jr. game home for the kids and I to play. I smoked them! Nas was ahead first, then Matty and I came up from behind and won with 20 (yes TWENTY!) green cards. Just like my dad says, "in this game you have to play to the judge." So true! Anyone for a game? **UPDATE: The kids challenged me to a rematch and I won with 16 cards this time.


Chris and Sarah said...

I LOVE THAT GAME! I'm super good at reading my mom, so she's always a guaranteed point or two for me... fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it mom. It makes me soo mad when you won with Martin Luther King Jr. as SAPPY

erinz said...

I played to the judge!