Thursday, August 28, 2008

7 fun facts

Thanks for the tag, Sarah.

#1. I love cheese just as much as my father-in-law does (though I will acknowledge that he is the King of Cheese Enthusiasts). Who knew there was a gorgonzola 'dulce' - thanks for that one, Arezoujoon!

#2. I used to collect egg cups (yes, egg cups - those little cups for holding soft boiled eggs). Please note the past tense of the verb "use" - I don't want any for Xmas, thanks anyway. When we moved a few years back, I realized the collection was taking over my china hutch and I had to de-clutter my life. I started with the collection of egg cups. Right now I currently collect dust (& I am not proud of it).

#3. I am absolutely OCD about raw chicken. Ask anyone! I am the only one allowed in my family to clean cutting boards/counter tops after raw chicken has touched the surfaces. It all stems from getting sick one time after a surface wasn't properly sanitized. Now that is my job and my job alone. I will even come to your house and bring my own Clorox Clean Up to sanitize your cutting boards/counter tops if you'd like. Omid's mom says I have a 'chicken allergy' and she is absolutely correct!

#4. I am currently obsessed with reading Ethiopian adoption blogs of friends (& yes, even complete strangers). I am currently a big fan of Team Alexander. They are a God-loving, good looking family (& they even own 2 Vizslas - what's not to like?!).

#5. When I was in h.s., I was friends with ALL the exchange students (every year). My goal was to go home with each and every one of them for a year. I sort of did that. I went home with one (Hi Salla!!) to Finland for 6 weeks. I had the best time and even got to speak at a Rotary luncheon in Harjavalta, Finland to a bunch of Rotarians. Loved it!

#6. I am regretting my decision to homeschool my kids at their early age. I even thought about it for this year, but knew my kids would HATE me for it now. It's not the school system in Camas I don't like (because I absolutely LOVE the teachers (except for a BAD one at the HS); but the kids! There are so many BAD apples out there. I have fantasies of calling their parents and telling them how bad their kids are and to KEEP them AWAY from my precious babies who are perfect in every sense.

#7. I call businesses with reader boards and let them know if there is a misspelling. I have been known to mark up teacher/homeowner association/PTA newsletters with red ink and send them back. Spelling ranks high in my book!

Brenda & Arezou - I am tagging you two!

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The Rinkels said...

I love that you call businesses with misspelled words. That's the best thing I've heard all day!