Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grammy & Pops came to visit us this weekend.

We made the IKEA dinner kit last night. It was pretty tasty. The gravy was cream colored but somehow looks orange in this photo.

Everyone enjoyed the food.

Matty munching away.

Nas - the dinner kit was her idea (& a good one).

Grammy & Remy

Pops really enjoyed it (2 enthusiastic thumbs).

Earlier in the day, Nas and I made our own puff pastry. More delicious than store bought and very much worth the effort. Look at all that butter! Scrumptious!

Ready for the fridge.

Rolling out the dough. After this we filled it with cream cheese and baked it. We ate it all before we remembered to take a photo. It was delicious & also Nas' idea (she was full of good ideas yesterday).

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Laurel said...

Olive Garden is my favorite! School clothes shopping already? No, I refuse to allow it. I need more time.