Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know. Ha ha on me now and no more laughs to Nas. What goes around comes around. Ok - enough laughing. We ran out of 1/2 & 1/2 and milk today. Omid ran me up to QFC on the scooter so we could survive breakfast tomorrow a.m.

Here is Remy refusing to look at me. He loves to chase Omid on the scooter. He was feeling slighted that Omid took me instead of him (Remy thinks of himself as the chosen one).
Can you believe this!? $6.39 for a gallon of organic milk. I chose the regular $2.39 to get us by for a day or two. Ridiculous!


Anonymous said... took a picture of the price tag?

The Rinkels said...

For $6.39 you should get to keep the cow for a few days. That's just crazy!

Laurel said...

I saw you driving that big rig earlier and now a scooter. You are quite versatile.

$6.39! I'd expect a 5 gallon bucket for that.

Arezou said...

It is a motorcycle, actually!