Sunday, August 10, 2008

While the kids, Grammy & I were out shopping (& Papa was home watching golf), Omid was away on a "boys weekend" chock full of fishing and crabbing. The two salmon Omid almost caught, got away. Shucks! He was able to bring a few crab home for us to eat for dinner tonight. Tasty!Dungeness Crab from the 4 crab pots.
1st crab in the pot

2nd crab

Here are some shots from Omid's weekend.

Captain Z

Captain Z

Shawn & Ward

Billy & Ward

Jeff, Billy & Casey

Fuzz & Jeff

This is a photo I forgot to load the other day. It's Africa. Again! First my water spot on the driveway, then this tahdeeg from dinner the other night. Matty broke half of this tahdeeg off and ate it. This is what was put back on the plate. So funny! I wish I knew what to do with these Africa signs I keep seeing.


Laurel said...

1) Do you ever feel even just a little bad for boiling those guys?
2) Keep your eyes peeled for more of Africa!
3) Unfortunatley, I will be at the training. . . . Thanks for thinking of baby Aston

erinz said...

Yes! I felt so sad when Omid dropped the crabs in the pot. But...then I remembered that God put them in the sea for us to eat. It was short lived.

The Rinkels said...

Those crab look D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I wouldn't feel bad either. ~Wishing I were eating crab in Oly