Monday, August 18, 2008

You know you're Persian when...

I know, I know, I'm not Persian...but my hubby is and my kids are 1/2 - so I can post this list (& still identify with several of the characteristics). :)

You know you're Persian when...

No matter what you wear, your dad thinks it's too revealing.

-Your mom regifts every single one of her gifts.

-After dinner the women fight each other to wash the dishes.

-Goodbye's take at least an hour!

- You drive a Mercedes or BMW or plan to get one in the near future

-Your parents will offer something to your American friends (tarof) and when your friends accept, your parents think they are rude

-Every meal contains rice and a side item

-All your parents ever do is brag about how amazing you are

-You can’t even think about having a boyfriend until you are like 30

-You have at least one Persian rug in every room

-You drink tea before, during, and after every meal

-Iranian satellite is on 24-7 at your house

-Your friends think its weird that you take your shoes off whenever you enter a house
-The real question is what type of doctor you want to be

-You never run out of sunflower sees, pumpkin seeds, or pistachios in your house

- Your mom calls you to see where you are at 9pm and at least three times every hour after that.

-You tell your parents you’re going out, they whip out a list of questions like: “Where are you going?” “Who’s going to be there?” “How many guys, how many girls?” “Do I know their parents?”

---Your parents and grandparents always have some sort of weird, ancient remedy they learned in Iran in the 1950s that they’re convinced will cure any illness.

-Your parents force you to continue going to school…not just for your education, but also so that other Persian families will respect you more

-A relative or family friend always mentions how big you’ve gotten and they remember you when you were this (they illustrate with their hands) tall, even when they saw you two weeks ago.

-The same relative or family friend always asks if you’re getting all A’s in school, and of course you say “yes, of course” even when you’re a straight C student.

-If someone calls from Iran or your parents call Iran, they talk so loud that the neighbors can hear them and they talk for at least a couple hours.

-Also, after your parents finish talking to relatives in Iran, they force you to come talk to them as well even though you have the biggest American accent on the planet and they probably can't understand a lick of what you're saying.

-You have at least one female in the family who dyes or highlights her hair blonde.

-When family friends or relatives call and ask you if you remember them, you lie because you cant tell the truth and then they ask "Who am I?", you just give the phone to your dad.


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Chris and Sarah said...

Ha! Some of those make me feel Persian too!

erinz said...

You can be an honorary Persian like me!