Thursday, August 7, 2008

IKEA field trip

The kids and I spent a few hours (!) wandering around IKEA today.

" I'd like to thank the academy for this award..."

Wrapping paper sword fight.

Naseem cooking in a sample kitchen.


Matty typing in his "wife beater" shirt. We were almost to IKEA when I realized he didn't have a shirt on (really! I have a lot on my mind - such as: trying to get Sarah to change her mind about Crocs). Too bad IKEA doesn't sell clothing.



We couldn't leave without purchasing the meatballs, lingonberry jam and gravy mix. Dinner tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

While we were traipsing around the store, I received a call saying I had to go to work. It seems all of our furniture was replaced with "gently used" stuff and we had to come and make sure it was acceptable. Arnita was not happy this sticker was on her "new" desk.

Lyn & Arnita looking for our old cabinets.

Sharon inspecting the mess.


bgygi said...

Ikea looked like fun! MMMMM, swedish meatballs!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

erinz said...

It was fun. The best part was I only spent $12.50 (for the food).

Chris and Sarah said...

That IKEA trip looks like fun! I myself have cooked in those kitchens and have snoozed on the beds. Also, love the meatballs. I still haven't changed my mind about Crocs, but you always encourage me to keep an open mind, and for that I thank you. I used to go to school at the old Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital (later Western Baptist College). All my furniture had Tuberculosis warning labels on it, I toured the old morgue (kitchen), and we pushed each other around on the 2 remaining hospital beds! I guess ya had to be there.....