Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Friends!

We joined 22 other friends last night for a surprise goodbye party for Bruce & Denise who are moving to N.C. The Girls

Some of the kids (boy were they noisy!)


Say cheese!

Guest of Honor Jake and his posse.

AFter dinner, the 4 of us headed over to Baskin & Robbins for some dessert.

Omid enjoying his mocha almond fudge cone.


Anonymous said...

That was one gooooooood brownie sundae!

Chris and Sarah said...

I like Omid's car key necklace.

erinz said...

That's great! Now if you happen to see Omid out and about town and are not really sure it's him...look for the car key necklace. He wears it everywhere! :)

Laurel said...

Thanks for the onsie!!!! It's so cute, and I can't wait to put it on my little one.

p.s. names are up on the blog, make your vote.

The Rinkels said...

Omid's bling is cool! No haters allowed!

I'd love if you added me to your list. I enjoy your blog as well. I feel like I know you guys - so if I ever run into you around O-town, don't be surprised if I pop over to say hi.