Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are home from our day of experiencing free things (or almost free). We kept our day to under $20 (which was our goal). We headed out to the Port of Portland's Seaport Celebration. This is the one day of the year the P.o.P. opens the port to visitors. There were police all around to make sure the bad guys didn't get in. We had to show our driver's licenses twice. Once to get in and a second time to tour the port.

Us on the shuttle bus

FREE lunch sponsored by the Longshoreman's Union

Nice AC'd tour bus

$8 million dollar cranes ($8 million each) to load/unload cargo

Free resusable shopping bags filled with all sorts of goodies

sample container tour

More free goodies at the Radio Disney booth (we didn't win HS Musical tickets, darn it).

All in all, here is what we came home with: 5 reusable shopping bags from the P.o.P, 4 water bottles, 12 pens, 4 highlighters,3 key chains, 3 whistles, 3 luggage tags, 2 cd holders, 6 magnets and 4 apples. Cool.

After our trip to the Port, we still had FREE imprinted on our brains (GLAD term!) so we headed over to Hawthorne Blvd. for Hawthorne Day. We saw many eclectic people and had fun browsing in the shops & people watching. It was a little warm for the kids so we stopped for beverages (pop, juice and beer). All in all - we spent about $19 on beverages & ice cream. It was a lot of fun.

Moonshadow Cafe

Tip: I found out about both these adventures on the KATU website (plan your weekend). If I hadn't checked for free family adventures, who knows what we would have spent our day (spending $ we don't have, no doubt!).

Leave me your favorite free tip (what you do for fun that is free) and if you are the winner, I will give you a FREE CD holder from the US CUSTOMS & BORDER PROTECTION, + a whole bunch of other goodies from the Port.


Arezou said...

Wow, that is great. I am not the best to give advice on this as I am always sucked into spending a lot more money than I can afford over nothing, really. But here is a website:


erinz said...

thanks for the tip. It can also be what you do for fun that is free. :) You are now in the drawing to win lots of free stuff. Good luck!