Sunday, August 24, 2008


The kids and I met up with Arezou, Evan, Earl & Pak for breakfast this morning.
The restaurant featured a very loud piano player and we almost had to yell at each other to be heard. The pianist played a medley of the 70's throughout the brunch. At one of the pianists breaks, we heard him very loudly ask the waitress what that white stuff was on the biscuits. Matty loudly replied from our table, 'GRAVY." **Note to readers: Remember this for the last photo explanation.

Arezou's arms & lap, Evan, Earl, Pak & my right eye

Matty, Arezou & Evan

Matty, Arezou & Evan (again!)

We made Matty construct an "office" out of menus so we couldn't see his plate. Everytime I looked at what he had on it, I wanted to be sick. Here's a photo of his 2nd trip through the buffet line.

A Belgian waffle with powdered sugar, chocolate chips, M&Ms, & whipped cream AND biscuits & gravy. When Matty brought the plate to the table, I asked him what the "white stuff" was and Nas replied with a laugh, "Gravy!" Ha ha! We all laughed over that one.

At the end of the meal, Arezou told Matty she would give him $20 if he would get up and dance to whatever the pianist was playing. He said, "okay!" He actually did it! He did a mixture of interpretive dance & ballet. It was hilarious! Though the pianist didn't think so (he thought Matty was stealing his thunder). He immediately started playing something that sounded ominous and dark. Matty got the message and sat down. A fun ending to our brunch. :)

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