Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For friends & family in Olyville....

Joined this group on Facebook today....You know you are from Oly if:

1. You have gone to the Capitol building and rubbed George Washington's nose for good luck.
2. You have participated in atleast one Procession of the Species3
. You even know what Procession of the Species is...
4. Artswalk is one of the big events of the year
5. You've actually seen a geoduck
6. You've seen the cross-dresser that shops downtown
7. Barely anyone uses umbrellas
8. You've floated down the Deschutes River during the summer for 5 hours at a time
9. You've gone glow-golfing at the mall, only to discover it was a complete letdown
10. You talk like Tumwater and Lacey are just an extended part of Olympia
11. But Lacey is considered the worst of the three
12. You've been offered some kind of drug downtown
13. You know that BCP and Old School are the best pizza in town
14. You go to the Eagan's Drive-Thru because you know it has amazing food, even though it's basically in a nasty colored shed on the side of the road
15. You've wasted time playing at the game table in the back of Wind Up Here
16. One of your favorite places as a kid was the Hands On Children's Museum
17. You can never go to Safeway without seeing someone you know
18. You can spot a Greener a mile away
19. You're used to constant protests downtown
20. You've seen the Women In Black
21. You've run in the fountain downtown...which never seems to be on when you most want it to be.
22. Whenever you hear the world 'Olympian' you think of the newspaper
23. You know that the Spaghetti Bowl is not an actual bowl of spaghetti


The Rinkels said...

Yeah for Olympia!
True dat! BCP is the best pizza in town.

The Rinkels said...

I'm totally fine with you coming up to me if you see me. I would do the same. I don't usually go to FM though. It's bound to happen sooner or later - Oly isn't that big.