Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Haunted House

**Read this post with the Monster Mash song in your head.**
I called B earlier today and she told me about the fun craft she and Cayden were working on (since 11 a.m. this morning!). Not to be outdone, I ran to Michael's and bought a gingerbread haunted house kit for the kids and Fari to work on.
Fari with the 'kit.'
Cute pix of Remy I forgot to post yesterday.
Shrek colored frosting.
Matty's piece.
We had to prop the walls up with cans. Click on the pix if you want a recipe (on the back of the can).

Finished product.

Remy tore a hole in his 'baby' so we used some of the stuffing as spider webbing. You can't see it in this photo (because I added it later).

Candy corn picket fence.

Click on B & Gang (to the right) to see Cayden't haunted house.

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Arezou said...

this is so cool....I love it