Sunday, October 19, 2008

Matty has been growing his hair out since May. He would like to grow it long, but Matty has the kind of hair that grows up & out, not down. His hair is very unruly and Fari has been trying to get Matty to get a trim ever since she arrived. She finally found a way to get Matty to consider a trim = $. Fari at first offered Matty $20, but Matty said no. Then she offered $25 and Matty still said no. She offered him $50 and he said yes. So....we all took off to the hair salon to watch Matty's hair get some shape to it.

Money changing hands & Matty signing a piece of paper 'promising' to get his hair cut. Yes, that is a photo card of Jesus next to Remy's picture.

Sealing the deal with a handshake.

Shaping the 'do.'

Rasta Nas and Omid at the salon eating sour gummies.

shaped hair

Poor Remy. Squirrels are the bane of his existence. He is always trying to catch them and the squirrels LOVE to tease him. In this photo, he has chased one up a tree. I hope he is able to catch a squirrel one of these days - he deserves to.

*Clam update: It pays not to kennel your dog and just loan your friends your clamming equipment. When our friends returned our gear, we received 4 baggies of cleaned razor clams. Score!

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