Friday, October 10, 2008

I cannot even believe I forgot to post this!
So...yesterday I went to pick up Omid's parents from the bus stop. On my way home, Omid called me and told me there was a 'roving' gang of teens in front of our house and they stuffed a 'teen' into the trunk of their car. should he call the police? I told him I was almost home and would 'assess' the situation (I am always saying I should have been a police woman - I see so many drivers I want to issue tickets to).

So...we arrive home and the teens are still parked in front of our house. They let the teen out of the trunk and he immediately jumps back in and closes the trunk (on himself?), then eight or so teens pile into the car.

I walk out our front door and ask the driver if she has far to go. She said she is only going 100 feet and I tell her I only ask as I am concerned for the boy in the trunk and that there are way too many people in the car. She replies, "thanks for your concern but we are way okay." I tell her okay, but I am a mom and I would be upset if my kids did this. She said, "oh it's no problem, " and drove away the 100 or so feet and stops the car. The kids all pile out and hang out in front of another house. I told Omid what happened. He said, - "so they aren't going to egg our house are they?" I told him, " I hope not!" The best part was that Nas wasn't home. She would have DIED of embarrassment!


Arezou said...

what happened after the 100 feet?

erinz said...

The car stopped & the kids piled out (thanks - I edited the posting).

Anonymous said...

Heck yes I would have died of embarrassment. I still can't believe you did that!