Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I think are super cute

You can purchase these items (& more!!) at Fred Flare or if you live in town, at Le Reve in downtown Camas (though they only have a few items). Le Reve also has a resident Yorkie named Paris who loves to give kisses and hugs. In Olympia, go to Archibald Sisters. I still love this store and have passed the love on to my kids. We usually stop at this store while in Oly (I also used to blow all my babysitting $$ there).

I don't just want these, I need them. I use curling ribbon to find my suitcases at the airport.

Strange cell phone holder.

No words needed.



Love these!

Brings back fond memories for me.

Toast Wallet = Mmmm! All it needs is a little honey and it's good to go.

I heart Peanuts & especially Snoopy. Sorry Dad!

My love for beef.

Sing with me! "A your adorable, B you're so beautiful, C you're as cute as can be......."



Chris and Sarah said...

A) I LOVE the toast wallet. I am going to get it.

B) I don't need the beef bandaids, but they are VERY tempting, and I am considering the purchast.

C) Thank you for the soup! Between my PM sub and the shower right after school, my day was crazy and I ate on the run! I'm gonna enjoy it on Monday. Thanks for thinking of me!

erinz said...

Matty wants the toast wallet, too. It's cute - I saw it downtown on Wednesday.