Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I received a cordless Dustbuster as a gift on Sunday. It has made the vacuuming in my life much easier and does a dang good job at picking up dirt, dust and hair (human & dog). It is wonderful!

I have central vac which I think it worse than a regular vacuum. I have to lug the attachments all over the house (& the attachments are heavy!). This little Dustbuster is portable and weighs only about 2 pounds. It is wonderful for hardwood floors too.

Unfortunately, I can't use it on my carpets - I'd be vacuuming all day. But it's great for everything else. **It does work great on carpeted stairs. I tried it today (thanks for the tip Laurel).


Laurel said...

I say ditch the centeral vac and get a Dyson. I love mine! I'm so happy with it, I'd do a commercial. P.S. the dustbuster brings back unpleasant childhood memories of vacumming the olive green carpeted stairs.

erinz said...

Stairs....I will have to try that (or have the kids try it!). Thanks for the tip.