Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday ramblings...

I usually have Weds off, but was told yesterday afternoon I should go in today and see kids if I could (for my regular 24 hour workweek); then come in on Friday and get paid out of a different budget for in-service training. I went in and did about 5 minutes work when I was told to go home. Apparently I have to use Friday as a regular day. Frustrating. And yes: I do intend to bill the district for my gas.

So I came home and did a bunch of jobs (that I should have done last night, but didn't).
*laundry (4 loads and counting....)
*vacuumed floors
*mopped floors
*cleaned up the kitchen
*dusted/washed 5 decorative vases
*played with Remy (exercise for him & me)
*sent/received too many emails
*read all the blogs I've been neglecting
*cleaned the downstairs bathroom
*changed all the sheets in the house
*decorated the house (a little) with Halloween cutouts


The Rinkels said...

Please head to my house and start from #1. I'll give you the code to the garage....

erinz said...
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