Sunday, October 5, 2008

Omid has been converted by his friend Jeff. Converted to a different college team. The Texas Longhorns. Jeff has been telling Omid for years about the Longhorns and Omid recently started watching (& cheering for their games). We still root for the Cougars - but they have not been winning any games lately (& neither have the Huskies!!). Jeff went to Texas last week and brought Omid this t-shirt.

Go Longhorns!

Omid made ribs for dinner. Yum!
Remy smelling the air (ribs & bacon scents floating around).

Omid's dad arrived in town today. I would post a picture, but he's been asleep for hours and I don't expect to see him until tomorrow morning.


Chris and Sarah said...

Yummy ribs! I have your hat for you tomorrow... (from Ruby....)

Laurel said...

I love me some ribs! I always request that my mom make them for my birthday dinner along with her delicious potato salad.