Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Omid,the kids and I were invited to the Kellogg's Halloween party. Omid's parents stayed home to pass out candy for us. We had a great time with great friends. It was SUPER meeting up with Margaret & Ron again!!
Hosts Lin & Ward

Ward showing off his extremely tight pants.

Omid & I (Saudi couple). Fari, Nas & I worked on Omid's eye make up.

Phil, Margaret & Ron

Lin & Omid

Lia, Amy & Nas

Maddy & Nas

Disco Ward

Margaret & Ron



Me: With my prize for BEST costume.

Omid wearing Jeff's mullet.

Carla, Denise & Tammie

Yan & Tammie

Nas, Maddie & Kelsey

Jeff & Omid

Maddie, Gina, Lia & Nas

Sean & Scott

Jeff & his mullet

Dana & Todd

Carla & Sean

Tim, Matt, Austin & Matty

Omid enjoying a beverage under his veil

Ward's Mom: Margaret!

Cowboy Jack

One thing I forgot to add: Omid went to the airport dressed like this to pick up his sister! He got lots of looks & laughs.

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Chris and Sarah said...

You look super in a mustache!!!! Well done.