Thursday, October 16, 2008






putting this sweet baby in a kennel for the weekend?!!!!!

Believe it or not, it happened today. Not gonna happen! That is an absolute last resort for emergencies and the like. And if an emergency did arise, I would go through my address book and call upon friends & family to watch the baby first. Please don't suggest this again to stresses me out.


The Rinkels said...

I have something for you! I found a $10 off coupon for Ramblin' Jacks or Mercato in my kitchen drawer. It's good until 1/31/09.

Chris and Sarah said...

Hey! Do you have the photo organizer called Picasa? I think I downloaded it for free online.... once you have that, you just click on those pics you want to cluster and it makes them into a collage - or other fun layouts. I can show you how to use it better once it's on your computer! That's the only way I know how to do it......

Laurel said...

Peanut will never see a kennel either, Patrick would cry for days. No joke.