Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our family has had it's share of whipping cream this week. Panna cotta, left over cream in our coffee & on berries...and now tonight, we are making homemade alfredo sauce with more whipping cream. Nummers!

Naseem has been raving about the alfredo sauce she had at her friend Leah's house. I called Leah's mom to get the recipe (because I figured if it was that good, it had to be homemade). Here is the recipe courtesy of Leslie:

Leslie's Alfredo Sauce

2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 stick butter

dash of garlic powder (optional)
1.5 cups shredded parmesan cheese ("not the 'dusty' Kraft stuff from the green can" - Leslie's exact words)

Melt butter. Add cream and cheese. Heat over medium low heat until cheese is melted. Watch carefully, there is a fine line between done and 'scorch.'

We are having ours over chicken ravioli, but any pasta should do.

Buon appetito!

*Update: I had to restrain myself from licking my plate clean (my inlaws were over - what would they think?). I had to make do with breadsticks to mop up the delicious puddle on my plate. :)


Anonymous said...

It was YUMMY!!

The Rinkels said...

I made that for my friend that was recovering from surgery a month ago and I thought she was going to split her stitches, she was so happy. Alfredo is divine!

Chris and Sarah said...

I could take a bath in that stuff and drain the tub with a straw. Happily.

Laurel said...

I could drink that sub with a straw. Unfortunatley, I make it too often. I love me some cream sauce on noodles.