Friday, October 3, 2008

I took Remy for a walk after school today. It was pouring outside, but Remy and I were prepared. We had our rain jackets. Remy received many smiles and waves. He LOVES his orange jacket and trots around like royalty when he wears it (he just has that extra spring in his step - it's adorable!). Here he is focused on a squirrel. He stood like that for over 5 minutes - no kidding! Remy in his handsome jacket.

When we came back, Remy found an empty carton of ice cream on the kitchen floor (which should have been placed in the recycling bin, Matty!). Remy ran around the kitchen/family room with it. Remy is one fast boy and I had to move the camera around a lot in order to capture him on film (sorry if you feel sea sick!).

If you pay close attention, you can hear Nas' phone conversation with her friend Leah. :)

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