Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yearbook Photos

Matty, my sister and I went on Yearbook Yourself today.

Here is my dad with his cool sunglasses circa 1982 (please keep in mind he graduated h.s. in 1963).

1982 Papa

Grammy - 1962 (tho' I think it looks more like a 70's do)

Me - circa 1990 (I graduated in 87 and had super short hair in 90. This is true "mall hair."

My 4 year old nephew Cayden 1976

Cayden -(his MOM uploaded this pix - not me!) 1966

cool 'fro! 1974

My sister, Cynce. Grow your hair this way - I love it!

Sis B - you look like you belong on Bewitched. Love it!

Matty - 1958

Beware! This site is addicting! I can't stop loading photos and crying my eyes out from laughing so much. It's fun!

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bgygi said...

Those are FANTASTIC!!! We didn't even recognize the one of me. We thought it was mom!!!!!!!!!!