Friday, January 9, 2009

Canine Delinquent

Our poor dog has been trying to tell us something; and sadly we haven't been listening. It is true we haven't been spending enough time with Remy and that is just plain wrong. Poor, poor Remy.

In the last few months, Remy has been counter cruising and stealing things. Amish friendship bread starter, cinnamon rolls, lime cream cookies and bourbon pecan pie. This evening, while we were out visiting Omid's parents, Remy ate an entire carton of cookies. This time, he didn't hide in his kennel and pretend to be innocent like he usually does. Instead, he greeted us at the door with almost every single toy he owns (in his mouth). I walked into the kitchen and saw crumbs & sprinkles everywhere. I said, "REMY!" and he ran into his kennel. I made him come into the kitchen to look at the mess and told him how bad he was. He refused to look at the mess or me. I was mad at him for just a second, then I felt sad for him. The poor dog was trying to tell us, "Pay attention to me!" "Take me with you!"

The neglected

So...from now on, we won't be gone either as long or as often. Sorry Remy!!!!


The Rinkels said...

Too bad you don't have hidden camera video. That would be hilarious watching him check out his options.
We've been cleaning up a lot of tossed bathroom garbage cans lately. (I keep forgetting to shut the bathroom door.) They have funny ways of telling us to pay attention.

Chris and Sarah said...

I will buy him his own container if he wants!!!!
Poooor Remyyyyy!