Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on Down!!!

My sister, Cynthia, called last night with some exciting news! I begged her to blog about it, but she said she didn't have time (Cynce has a blog, but has updated it once. Last July). So...I asked her if I could blog about it. She said to go for here I am.

Apparently Cynthia's mother-in-law, Gisela, went with several girlfriends to a taping of The Price i$ Right yesterday in California. Gisela was called to "come on down" and play. Her bid for an item (details are still sketchy, so bear with me) was the closest and she was called up on stage with Drew Carey to play a game (still don't know what she played or if she won/lost - but I hope it was Plinko). Later, Gisela got to "spin the wheel" and came close enough to be in the Showcase Showdown.
Here's where the story gets really exciting. Gisela bid on her showcase which was a trip to Naples, a car and a sailboat. Her bid was $61,000. She came within $200 of the price of the package!! This meant she won BOTH showcases!! How cool is that?! When I get more information on what kind of car she won, what was in the other showcase, and all the other information...I will update the story. I am still so excited for her! Gisela is the perfect contestant for TPIR - she's funny and very enthusiastic.
Congratulations Gisela!!!
PS - I'd LOVE to see Naples!!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Congrats Gisela! That is a dream come true! And...I'm jealous. I waited out on the sidewalk w/hundreds of other potential contestants to try to get in to the Price Is Right about 15 years ago.... they stopped giving out those yellow hand-made nametags about 3 people in front of us!!!! BOOOOOOO.