Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Gracie

We didn't spend enough time with our friends the Kelloggs on Saturday, so we spent Sunday evening with them too. Omid smoked 3 chickens and some ribs and we took them over to Lin & Ward's for dinner. Ward make crispy green beans and twice baked potatoes. Dinner was tasty.

Kari & Francis came over as well and brought their new puppy Gracie. Gracie was an impulse buy right before Christmas. She is a Yorkie-Poo and soo cute. She is also really fast. Which is good - because Vizslas are super fast and Jack was chasing her all over the house. Jack is about 47 pounds heavier than Gracie; and several times Ward had to kennel Jack to keep him from crushing her. Gracie still isn't potty trained but didn't have a single accident. Jack had several. :(
Gracie. Just look at that nose!

This is a video of Jack & Gracie racing around the family room.

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