Monday, January 5, 2009

It's good to have artists for friends!

This is my friend, Sarah. She is a teacher. She is also an artist.

In December, Sarah showed me a neat picture she had painted of a cute baby. After seeing the picture, I asked her if she painted dogs (specifically Remy). She said she would try.

She tried! It's Remy!

Remy wouldn't sit still for the photo. I had to order him to "STAY!" He kept wanting to lick his portrait (he knows how beautiful he is).

Beautiful Remys!


bgygi said...

Very cute!

L & P Aston said...

Cute stuff! That Sarah comes from a very artistic family. If I tried to pait Remy you would think he was an octapus in a tree.

Chris and Sarah said...

He looks better in real life.

Arezou said...

I love it. She is a GREAT artist.