Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the winner is...

Today Naseem stayed after school to participate in the Poetry Out Loud contest. She was the last participant and she did an amazing job. Naseem had to compete against 12 other kids in front of 4 judges. She was the last to recite her poem. Then the kids (& parents) had to wait for about 15 minutes for the judges to tally up the scores. Before the contest.
(Nas forbid me to take photographs during her recitation).

I was sitting in the back near the judges, so I heard many of the comments and was SURE they were talking about Nas. When Nas' English teacher, Mrs. Nyquist looked at the name and said, 'I'm not surprised!" I was certain it was Nas (I'm a mom...so I can shamelessly brag about my daughter like this! She did the best job...hands down!). The kids had to make sure their recitations concentrated on tonal shifts (from line to line), enunciation and emotional impact. Some of the kids over did it - it was almost comical. I wasn't sure if that was intended or not. Nas did just right. It was perfect.
Then Mrs. Nyquist announced Nas' name and you should have heard the applause (mine was loudest + the 'yays' I threw out)!! Naseem won a $25 gift card to Borders & also received a nice certificate. She will compete in regionals in February. Keep your fingers crossed!


Nas & Mrs. Nyquist

(Laurel: do you recognize this woman from the RTI inservice?).*She accused you of taking her pen!

**Also of Note: Nas, Omid and I went to watch Mateen play basketball this afternoon. SKY won their 2nd game!! 28-18! Go Hawks!


bgygi said...

Congrats Nas!

Unknown said...

Naseem joooooooooon , we are proud of YOU.

Laurel said...

I try to forget those long boring days, thanks for reminding me. . . . Go Nas! You rock.

Unknown said...

Naseemie...That is great. Good job sweetie, I KNEW you were going to win this. I am very proud of you, baby. GO NAS!!!

Arezou said...

Oh, Jeez, this is me! What has happened?