Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rose City Classic Dog Show

We're getting very excited at my house. Next weekend we are headed to the Expo Center to see the Rose City Dog Show. It actually starts on Thursday and runs through Monday. You can click on the link above and see what time your favorite breeds will be in the show ring. My favorite part is walking through the grooming area & watching the dogs get ready (shampoo, blowouts, ribbons, etc).

We went to this show 6 years ago to try and find a dog breed that would best fit our family/lifestyle. We were thinking Dobermans and ended up liking the Vizlas. We talked to a lot of breeders (& actually met our breeder at this show). We were on a waiting list for almost a year and a half before we got Remy. Now we go back every year to watch some of Remy's littermates compete and also to see the other breeds we love (Irish Wolfhounds, Dobermans, Great Danes, Bouviers, Yorkies & Poodles). It's an all day event and there are lots of freebies and dog items for purchase.

If you haven't seen the great movie, Best in Show yet, do! It's a great movie and I think about it everytime we go to this dog show.

Can't wait!

Hudson (Remy's Dad) - 10 months old


Arezou said...

fun. Are my mom and dad going too? ;-)

erinz said...

I don't know...I haven't asked them. Tho I can't see your mom (especially) spending the entire day there (the way we like to).;)

Chris and Sarah said...

Ok, so Best In Show is awesome!!! Glad you like it!
I always wondered what Goliath's parents looked like.... I know they're super mutty, but I bet they were kind of cute.