Monday, January 26, 2009

This morning Nas & I went over to Omid's parents home to put some faucet covers on the exposed faucets outside (it was 25* out this morning and cold!) and to call the gas & electric company from their phone. I disabled the alarm no problem (or so I thought!) and called the gas company. When Naseem and I tried to leave, the security alarm went off. That sucker was so loud!!! Immediately, the security company called and I gave them the password. I was given a phone number I had to call to disarm the alarm. I called and a man gave me instructions for the keypad. For some reason the alarm would not stop, it was just sending out this terrible piercing noise. The man asked me if I was alone or was someone "moving about in the house." I told him my daughter was with me, but she was by the front door. He told me to have her 'stand still.' Apparently, Nas was moving and kept setting off the motion sensor. Once Naseem stood still, I was able to punch in some numbers and the alarm stopped. Whew! My ears are still ringing. Nas and I locked up, pushed the 'alarm' button and got the heck out of there.

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