Sunday, January 18, 2009

Highlights from the dog show!

We spent a good portion of our day at the Rose City Classic Dog Show. We had fun wandering all over and looking at all the different dog breeds. We ran into Remy's breeders and talked with them. None of Remy's littermates were in this year's show, but his sister, Dakota is set to have puppies any day.
This was a booth called "Animal Whisperings." The woman running the booth was a dog psychic. She had customers, too!
This boxer's owner was inside listening to the psychic. One look at him & we knew he was thinking, "Get me outta here!"
This cute boy is Cody. He just walked up to Matty and tried to climb on his lap. Then he gave Nas & Matty lots of kisses.

Going stir crazy!

Vizsla hug

Fluffy English Sheepdog

This Dobie had scars all over his face. Poor boy.

Omid and his favorite breed.

This is Owen. He was an Irish Wolfhound we met. He was so, so sweet and super kid friendly. His owner told us he is still a baby!

Making friends with Owen.


Doberman. Omid just loooooves these Red ones. I think Remy may be getting a sister some day.

We had a good chuckle over these handlers. They were so darn serious and reminded us of the couple in the movie Best in Show.


Chris and Sarah said...

Did you see any Goliaths?

bgygi said...

I just love that sheepdog!!!