Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching up with Friends

We haven't spent time with our friends, the Kelloggs, in a quite some time. We spent the entire day with them yesterday. We had a lot of fun catching up and spending $. Everyone piled into Omid's big green monster and the dads dropped us off at the Woodburn Outlet Center. The dads continued to do some 'man stuff' = skeet shooting. Omid & Ward came back after several hours and shopped with us. We were exhausted after our day of good deals and headed to Spaghetti Factory for dinner.
After dinner, Omid was stuffed and took a siesta on the lobby sofa.

Ward trying to sit comfortably in the stiff chair...wishing he had claimed the sofa first.

Singing to Akon.

Singing along with Kanye West.
Now to some EXCITING news. I asked Naseem to "toot her own horn" but she is refusing- saying it's "no big deal." It is a BIG DEAL! On Friday, Naseem found out she won her English class' Poetry Out Loud contest. She has advanced to the second round and will compete schoolwide against 11 other sophomores. If she wins this, she will advance to the regional contest in February. The poem Naseem recited was called A Blessing by James Wright. Keep your fingers crossed for Nas!

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rubytempest said...

WAY TO GO NAS! When you are poet laureate during Obama's second term, remember your humble beginnings in the 'Couv.