Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Price is Right...UPDATE

I spoke with my sister, Cynthia, yesterday and she has the latest news on Gisela's appearance on the The Price is Right.

Here is how Gisela won all her prizes. She was called down and bid on some luggage. She bid $1500 (the actual retail price was $2200) and so she won the luggage and a chance to get on stage. Gisela played the Tic Tac Toe game and won a dining room set.

After that, she got to spin the wheel and ended up with 80 cents. She was the 'high' spinner and so she go to be in the Showcase Showdown (& pass her showcase if she didn't want to bid on it). That is exactly what happened. Gisela's first showcase was a trip to Venice and a sailboat. She passed & the other contestant bid on it. Gisela's showcase included a car and some lawn furniture. She bid on it and came within $200 of her showcase. She won both prizes. The amount of both showcases was $61,000. Gisela said she got to sit in the car for a few minutes and wave until the show was over. After that, she was whisked away into a room and had to sign a stack of papers.

Apparently, the taxes on the prizes are very high. Gisela gets to take some time to think about if she wants to forfeit the prizes or pay the taxes and have them shipped to her home (shipping is free!). I can't wait to hear what she decides. Stay tuned!


Laurel said...

That's crazy! Taxes take the fun out of winning prizes . .. . :(

The Rinkels said...

Thanks for the behind the scenes look. I think that stinks that after all the excitement - you have to choose to pay for your prizes. Boo Hoo!