Friday, January 2, 2009

New Camera!

Omid bought me my new camera today. It's great! I was leaning toward the budget minded $99 Olympus at Costco, but apparently that has been the problem. I choose budget cameras, they work for a while and then die. Omid did a bunch of research and bought me a Panasonic. My only two requirements were #1 - it fit in my purse and #2 - the camera be easy to point and shoot. No difficult shutter stuff for me.
We brought it home, charged the battery and fired it up. The camera has a bunch of neat settings. One is for "food." Omid set it for food and look how clear the orange peel is.

He set this one to "pet." Remy is notorius for not sitting still for a picture. This setting allowed Remy to move all around and when he finally was facing the camera, Omid was able to take the shot. Cool.

Here I am waiting for my chance to use the camera.
Thanks for the camera, Omid!! Can I play with it now?!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Ooooooh! I am very jealous. Both Chris and I have identical, ancient dinosaur cameras. I'd give anything for that orange peel capability.... Can I have it?