Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brace Face

I use the title term lovingly (so no nasty comments please). I wore braces for almost 5 years (4 3/4 to be exact), so I know how it feels to wear braces. Now it's cool to wear them - back then (in the 70's/early 80's), they weren't as hip as they are now.

So...Matty couldn't sleep in this morning. He had to rise early and go to the ortho.

No more gum, popcorn, caramels or soda for this boy.


bgygi said...

They also look so much better than the braces of the 80's. They are so small in comparison!! Lookin good Matty :) What color are they? We only had silver - really ugly silver :(

Laurel said...

Don't tell him, but I ate all of those things when I had braces on. I only had them for 1 3/4 years, but I had every other orthodontia known to man.