Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish Tacos - Part 1

In October, we went on a Mexican vacation with our friends & their extended family. We consider the 4 of us adopted children/grandchildren/siblings.
Hosts Ron & Margaret.

The boys went fishing and caught Mahi Mahi. We brought a bunch home with us & it's been living in our freezer.
Here is Ron (Ward's Step-Dad). He caught the delicious fish and graciously shared it with us.
Waiting for Ron to pull up the fish.

Fish on board! Time to celebrate.

We will be eating our very last package of frozen Mahi Mahi tonight with delicious fish tacos. While we are munching away, you can be sure we will be remembering this wonderful vacation and the memories we will never forget.

Fish taco photos to come later tonight...

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Anonymous said...

But I dont want Fish Tacos for dinner!