Friday, June 20, 2008

We spent the evening with the Kelloggs. Sangria + chicken burgers + jojos = fun. BBQing chicken & making kissy lips.
talking diesel's complicated.

Remy & Omid.


Gimme a kiss!

Kissy Lips x 2!

Kids playing Nintendo Wii.

I forget what is exactly happening in this photo.....

Lia lost a tooth.

.Preparing ice cream for the puppies (what pampered pooches!) .

Double vanilla ice cream so delicious (Remy loves vanilla ice cream).

Jack + ice cream = happy puppy

So good! - rootbeer floats

Playing Wii tennis & bowling.

Discussing more sangria...?

Ward & Jack (click on this photo & look at the window)
" Let's try frozen blackberries in the sangria!"
Wii tennis.


This was a very confusing game. Amy & Ward kept winning (again & again) while Omid, Lin & I got 0 points every time. I think this game was rigged.

Vanilla ice cream for the doggies.

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