Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympia Visit Part 1

The kids and I rolled into Olympia on Thursday to visit family & celebrate my mom's bday on Saturday. We picked up our posse and went to eat lunch at our favorite restaurant in town, Ramblin Jacks. Most every time we visit Oly, we eat here. It's a bad habit.

B & I stopped off at the Spooner's Strawberry Stand and picked up a 1/2 flat for my contribution to Saturday's dinner.

Then we made another stop to visit Buddy, our other sister's 11 year old lab. Buddy just had surgery to remove a cancerous (?) lymph node. They won't know the results until Tuesday. He was all drugged up and still came out to say hello to B and I. So polite.

Buddy's shaved face. He received 42 stitches. Poor boy.

Next, our rich sister, Cynthia, took all of us to the Olympia Golf & Country Club (she is a member) and we hung out at the pool. Cynthia knew a lot of people there. I felt like I was in an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.



Aunt B, Cayden & Matty


Matty and I took a walk down to the Country Club's beach. Mt. Rainier looked so beautiful.

Budd Inlet

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