Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picnic Dinner

We headed over to the Port Park tonight for dinner. We had to take advantage of the beautiful evening.Johnsonville Brats for dinner.
Don't take my photo!

Look at Remy eyeing Matty's dinner.

Thirsty boy.

Say Cheese!

Say cheeseburger!

If you check Nas' blog, she has two other 'race' videos. I'd like to say I was full on dinner, but the truth is, it's been over 20 years (!!!) since I've ran and it shows in this video. :( If you watch the video to the end, listen to my pathetic excuse. :(


mateen said...


Laurel said...

LOL, that's classic and totally something I would do!

Chris and Sarah said...

I like Remy's water set-up. Goliath never drinks on the road - no matter how I deliver his water - - dish, bowl, water bottle, cup... he weirds me out.