Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here is Omid's new shirt I bought him. I think it's hilarious! I have the feeling he is getting sick & tired of all the Vizsla tshirts I purchase for him (& expect him to wear). It's just a feeling I get. :) My goal is to get us 'matching' shirts & make sure we wear them on the same day at some fun event. How cool is that?!
Jack enjoying his after dinner peanut butter filled Kong.

Remy enjoying his peanut butter filled Kong.

Choosy Moms choose JIF (for their people & pets). I grew up on Adams peanut butter and disliked it very much. I longed for Skippy or JIF. Now that I am a mom, I buy JIF for the whole family. This is Remy's very own jar from Costco. He gets a jar, we get a jar. I always mark his name all over it so no one mistakenly takes PB from Remy's jar. Though there was this one time Omid did (& he didn't even see Remy's name on it). Poor Omid!

Jack relaxing after a run in the park.


Let me outta here!

Happy Remy

This is a funny video of the dogs walking around & around the kitchen table. They did this all day long (no kidding!). This is the first time Remy had the upper hand. Usually, it was Jack with the toy and Remy stalking Jack. Remy happened to grab a pop bottle and was teasing Jack with it. It was so funny. Enjoy!


Chris and Sarah said...

Remy is so lucky to get his own jar of peanut butter. Maybe I should reconsider my hygiene around this place! PS - are you going to the retreat?

erinz said...

No! I had other plans & they fell through. So now I am not going as #1:I can't leave my kids home that long w/o supervision & #2: I can't afford the gas. :) Have fun! I've met the Russian speaker, Vadim, before. He is very nice. I think the staff will like him a lot.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?! I'm almost 15 years old!!!!!!!

I can stay home alone without supervision - I'm a babysitter!

erinz said...

I meant overnite!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter!!!