Saturday, June 14, 2008

Persian Party

Tonight was our Persian Party. Several of our friends had never tried Persian food & this was their chance.
This is my favorite Persian wood print. Omid's mom bought this for me.
Omid sliced the potatoes for tahdeeg. Delicious!
Tahdeeg waiting for the rice.
Look at that saffron! The color is so beautiful.

Food! Lubia polo, jujeh kabob, tahdeeg, mast-o-khiar, torshi, & sabzi

translation: rice with green beans, chicken kabob, crispy potatoes, yogurt & cucumbers, relish & veggies.

Fesenjan, tahdeeg & polo.

translation: chicken with pomegranate molasses & walnuts, crispy potatoes & rice.

Laurent, Omid, Alan, & Jenny


Taka, Kumiko & Arnita


Taka & Laurent

We had a lot of fun tonight. The real laughs happened when Ward arrived. He introduced himself to Laurent, but Ward didn't hear Laurent correctly. Ward heard, Noha. Ward said, "Noha, nice to meet you." I was laughing so hard I had to leave the room. I chanced a look at Lin & Omid. That was not a good idea. They were laughing too. Ward made it into the kitchen and I had to tell him the truth. I said, 'Ward, Noha's name is really Laurent." Ward was so embarrassed, he went to Laurent & apologized.

Next, it was my turn to be embarrassed. Jenny (who speaks 6 languages) was talking about how Americans mispronounce French words such as gratin, etc. She asked how I pronounce au gratin. So, I said, "aahh graten." She winced. Then I told her I grew up saying "aahh juice" instead of "aahh joo." It was Jenny's turn to laugh hysterically. I then had to confess about the time Omid & I were in Paris & I ordered grilled salmon for Omid. Omid was served 'salmon tartar.' Obviously, my French is lacking!!).

In short, it was a great party. Omid not only cooked, he did the dishes while I chatted the entire night. What a guy!!

The only snafu during the entire party was when Remy found Kumiko's purse and removed 3 items. We had to make sure she counted all the 'bills' in her wallet & make sure no $ was missing (Remy eats paper $). The funny thing was he removed 2 out of 3 items with dogs on them. So funny!

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