Sunday, June 22, 2008

I would like to visit...

Espana. After reading The Sun Also Rises many years ago (great read!), I have wanted to visit Spain. I don't think I would mind living there for a year or two either.
Greece. Nothing more needs to be said. Rent Shirley Valentine for a fun movie about Greece. *Warning: There is a bad part in the movie.*

Cinque Terre & Portfino, Italy. I must, must, must visit these two towns before I die. I must. Frank Schaeffer's book Portofino. Check it out - a super read. I just close my eyes and can see the bougainvillea on the sides of centuries old buildings. I am so ready to hop on a plane and spend my summer there. So ready.

Japan. Such a nice clean country. Everything about Japan (that I encountered) was cute. Hello Kitty. Is she not cute? Also, the Japanese seem to love dogs as much as I do. How cute is that? I think I could also live in Japan for a year or two.

Australia. So much there I want to see. The famed Uluru, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, visit Steve Irwin's Zoo (really!).

Morocco. I have always wanted to visit Morocco. The closest I've been to seeing/experience Morocco is the Morocco exhibit at Epcot Center & eating dinner at Marrakesh in downtown Portland & Seattle.

Who would like to help finance my trip?


Chris and Sarah said...

You can experience the Cinque Terra w/me if you can fit in my backpack. Wanna come?
PS - I'd also really love to see Greece, too...but not this time around!

erinz said...

I'd love to come - though wouldn't Chris feel out of place, like a third wheel or something? :)

Laurel said...

Italy and Spain are amazing! You should go and take the kids. I think it's good for them to see how other people live. I'd love to go to Japan too! One of the foreign exchange students that lived with us many years ago has invited me. I have a long Bucketlist!!!