Friday, June 13, 2008

Nas' Martial Art's Graduation

Nas graduated last night after a grueling 3 hour physical test. 51 teens & adults sparring, kicking, pulling hair, throwing each other down and sweating graduated to their next belt. Nas went from an orange to a purple belt. She is now in the intermediate class.
Nas & Lauren
The graduating class.
We finally made it home at 10:00 p.m., & Nas had to stay up & study for finals. Next June, I will make a suggestion that the staff check the finals schedule for all HS before scheduling a physical test & graduation. Poor Nas - I have no idea what time she finally went to bed.
I have lots of great video from last night, but can't load it for some reason. Hopefully in the next few days, Omid can work on that for me & have it posted soon.


Anonymous said...

The woman I did my self defense with KEPT PULLING MY BANGS OUT!! I WAS MAD! So thats why I was the most aggressive with her.

bgygi said...

Congrats Nas - that testing sounds out of control! Cayden's is much more mild :)

Laurel said...

Go Naseem! That's great.

p.s. Blogger has been having problems with vid downloads.