Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Remy & the Walking Sticks

We are really enjoying our new pets (the walking sticks). It is so fun to hold them. The biggest one (Gus) is the friskiest of them all. He just loves to walk. The other two (Bill who is missing several legs) and Sydney (the smallest) are very quiet and play dead a lot of the time. Remy is really interested in the WS as well. He is frequently looking at & sniffing the terrarium - trying to find the insects.

This afternoon, I had the bright idea (& told my sister about it who agreed with me) of placing one of the insects on Remy's head & snapping a photo. Gus was too frisky to sit still (which is too bad as he's the largest & easiest to see). We used Sydney who played dead for the photo. Remy with Sydney on his head.

Nas took this movie of Remy & Gus. I was trying to distract Remy with a cookie while Gus ran around Remy's back. Then Gus fell off and Remy tried to find him. It was so funny. One warning: the movie has the "shittake mushroom" word in it! So sorry! We tried but couldn't edit it out.

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Chris and Sarah said...

Laughing hard, girls...laughing hard.
Sorry about your nail polish, Naseem... (And maybe, um, sorry I gave those things to your mom! She is getting so carried away.)